Friday, March 26, 2010


We applied for temporary occupancy last week when the house was done except for the concrete being poured for the porch, walkway and garage floor, the back deck, and grading of the earth. It was denied and required that the concrete be finished for the garage and porch, the deck be completed, a rough grade of the yard complete and insulation in the basement.

The insulation in the basement requirement was one that Josh discovered about a month ago when he was researching requirements to finish the basement down the road. He asked the builder about it and the builder got all out of shape about Josh speaking to the township about the house. The builder said we didn't need insulation in the basement to meet code because they meet that criteria through an overall house insulation factor, an alternative to the basement insulation rule. Then, when it showed up on the inspection, Josh wanted to say, "I told you!"

At this point, the house is done. The cement is poured and the deck is built. We are waiting for the builder and the inspector to figure out the insulation issue. Once that is settled, we can move in. I just don't know when that will be. This afternoon? Monday? Next Friday?

Meanwhile, I am cleaning and packing at the rental house. (Actually right now I'm taking a break!) An important goal we have at this point is to be out of our rental house by Wednesday-the end of the month to save us another month's rent. We recently discovered we need an additional $2500 for our retaining wall. We hadn't planned on that cost, so we really don't want to pay another month's rent when we obviously need the money for that wall!

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  1. How exciting to see it all coming together for you. Good luck with moving and the inspection.