Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fox sighting #2

We just spotted a fox in the backyard again. We could only see 1, but the other could have been down the hill. We put our dog in the other room before he saw it and scared it away. The fox stayed around for a few minutes and we all got to watch it for awhile. My mother in law is here and she enjoyed seeing it as well.

This afternoon my mother in law is taking Big Dog and Sweet Pea back to her house for the week.

Honey, our 5 year old golden retriever is still adjusting to having a puppy in the house. Her behavior has changed a bit sometimes. Yesterday when mother in law arrived, Honey barked and barked at her. That's not her normal behavior. She is also getting protective about her food--worried the puppy will get it I guess. I'm going to have to do a little research to see how to deal with this.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Addition to the family

On Father's Day, we bought a Golden Retriever puppy. We've been wanting to get another dog to keep our 5 year old Golden "Honey" company. We looked at the Humane Societies and adoption agencies, but nothing really seemed to be the right fit. We finally decided to get another Golden Retriever, because they are such a great, friendly breed. After a couple days of making phone calls, we found some purebred puppies ready to go that day, only 45minutes from home. Both parents were onsite and were very friendly. We had our choice from 4 males. They were all great, so we just picked one.

Honey has been enjoying the puppy. She's learning not to eat the puppy's food. She shares her toys and water dish and sleeps near "Hunter" while he naps. It's quite cute!

Shortly after 9:00 this evening, Honey started barking and looking out the back window. I heard my youngest say "Foxes!" He was correct, we had a pair of foxes bouncing through the back yard. That was pretty exciting--it was the first time we've seen them here.

The garden is growing well now. Finally! I've started mulching around the plants using grass clippings. I am hoping that will keep the weeds down. We've had a lot of rainstorms recently. We still have a downed tree blocking half of our road from Saturdays' storm. All the rain is helping the garden and unfortunately the mosquito population grow. Michigan is known for having a lot of mosquitos. There are t-shirts at tourist stops here with a picture of a mosquito and the words "Michigan's State Bird." Anyway, between the humidity and mosquitos (both caused by the rain) it's not been very comfortable working outside this week. I usually go out in the evenings, but the skeeters are just too much!

Josh has officially hung all the drywall today for our finished basement. I know a few families who have lived in their homes for years still planning to finish their basement "as soon as they have time." Fortunately, I have one of those husbands who makes time to do the projects that are important to our family's safety and enjoyment. Drywalling actually improves the fire rating our our floor, so it is a safety related project. We've also installed a storm room where we'll keep all our storm supplies.

We all love our new home so much! We're really building family memories here and we've only lived here about 10 weeks!

Monday, June 7, 2010


After this weekend's major thunderstorms and today's sun, I have the sprouts of my first seeds! I am a bit behind the other gardens in the area, but that's ok. Today I went out to hoe weeds and saw the first sprouts of squash, cucumbers, green beans and a few corn! I didn't get the onion sets, carrots, lettuce or spinach in the ground until yesterday. The tomato and jalapeno starts I planted are looking good.

Big Dog's outside mowing the lawn with the John Deere for the first time. He just drove by the patio door and smiled and waved in at us. He feels like a man. It helps that he's now taller than 1 grandma and just a few inches shorter than I am! The paths are terribly curvy! :)

Josh drywalled the ceiling in about half the basement this weekend. That was a huge job! I helped with that on Saturday. Sunday I did laundry and cleaned the house.

Next week I begin summer vacation. I have so many things I want to do:

1. Start a compost pile
2. Make soap
3. Make wild berry preserves
4. Tile the kitchen backsplash
5. Get back to quilting
6. Make a braided rug
7. Keep up the garden
8. Preserve my homegrown veggies

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Planting again

Planting was delayed due to days and days of rainstorms followed by illness. Then we went out of town for the holiday weekend. Finally after work today I was able to get back out there. I had to hoe out more weeds of course, but not too many. I planted sweet corn, beans, tomato and pepper plants, cucumbers, squash, and pumpkins. I have more I want to plant, but ran out of daytime.

My blueberries and doing really well. The raspberries and apple trees also seem to be doing fine. The peach tree, however is becoming food for ants. I need to find out what kind of spray I can use on it.