Saturday, March 7, 2015

I am ba-ack!

Life gets so busy and before I knew it, I had nearly forgotten about this little blog!  I just spent the morning re-reading all my posts.  How nice to have documentation of our journey!  I should really keep it up!

We worked so hard those first few years getting our home settled in.  Now, we pretty much just live our daily lives without so much excitement most of the time.  I have continued to garden each year and  doubled it in size two years ago.  I still have 5 chickens and plan to get chicks for the first time this spring, so that will be a new adventure!  Last summer, we added a storage room on to the chicken coop.  This has been wonderful to have this winter.  Last winter was very harsh and getting feed from the pole barn to the coop across the yard was a major feat.  This year, I stocked the storage room with all the supplies I would need, so now I just go to the coop and have a dry clean place to stand while I care for the chickens.  It also has an actual exterior door, so no more trying to open a door out into deep snow all winter. So much nicer!

This winter has been terribly cold.  Yesterday it was 1 degree on my way to work.  Today we are supposed to see a high of 40!  Everyone is really anticipating warmer temperatures.  We had 7-8 days off from school this year due to the snow and cold temperatures.  That is a lot!

Two months ago, we joined the YMCA and have a pretty consistent routine of exercising nearly daily.  So that is keeping us occupied during this cold winter.

Josh joined the local volunteer fire department last spring and is busy with lots of classes, meetings and emergency calls.

The boys have grown up so much!  Big Dog will be 17 next month and Sweet Pea is already 13!

I hope to remember to update here on a more regular basis again!