Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's really ours! The 1st day

We closed on our property yesterday after work! We brought a change of clothes, trees, and about 20 gallons of water. Just before the closing, it started to rain. The rain was down to a sprinkle so we decided to head out there in hopes the rain was done. Josh had purchased a spray to use on the trees to keep animals from eating them and decided to put that on there, so the spray could dry on the way out there. Once he started spraying it one them, he realized it was pretty smelly. Turns out it was made with animal blood! We drove 30 minutes closed in the truck with 70 trees covered in animal blood spray. The stench was pretty bad. We couldn't keep the windows open due to the rain that had started back up. The kids and I tried some mints to cover the scent--it didn't work. I put some scented hand lotion on and kept my hands in front of my nose and mouth all the way there. The kids said it smelled like poop and Josh said it was "something like that'--we didn't tell them the gross truth!

We were glad to all have gloves to wear when touching the trees! The neighbors came over to say hello and introduce themselves. I think they were curious to find out what we planned to use the property for. They seemed like nice people.

As the neighbors left, the rain kicked up. (As it turned out, we didn't need to use all that water we brought--the rain saved us a lot of work!) We had the kids go sit in the truck and Josh and I finished planting the trees. We planted about 25 pine trees on the edges and 10 black cherry trees across the front of the property. We still have 25 white spruce and 10 black walnut trees left. We may get out tomorrow to plant some more.

By the time we left, we were completely soaked and quite muddy! It was good to get the trees in. The boys helped some before the rain really came down--Sweet Pea helped dad with the measuring tape and carrying things. Big Dog helped me plant the trees in the holes after dad dug them. All in all, it took about 1.5 hours and the whole family worked together!

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