Monday, April 13, 2009

Soap and anxious kids

I took a bar of my soap in to the chemistry teacher at work today. It's at a PH of 8, so it's getting close. She gave me a small bottle of some chemical to drop on it to test again in a week or so.

My youngest son is ready to own the property. A few weeks ago, I had to explain why we weren't planning on having horses and cows. A few days after that, he said, "I know we're not going to, but if we did ever get horses and I had one and it was a girl, I would name her Elise. Isn't that a good name?" I told him perhaps we'd get some chickens once we're living out there.

Today as he came in the door from school, he told me of his plan to play in the creek this summer and catch salamanders. He knows just what container to keep them in. I've never seen salamanders in the wild. Where in the creek area do you look? Are they under the mud at the edge?

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