Monday, May 4, 2009

Making it "ours"

The pole barn was divided into rooms and drywalled. That doesn't work for us--we need car and boat storage. Friday, Josh gutted the drywall and insulation. Saturday we replaced an overhead garage door and put new doorknob/locks on the entry doors. Now it's ours--no one else has a key!

Next week-end we're due for a lot more work! Wednesday our new John Deere Tractor is being delivered. We've got a 20 cu yd dumpster coming on Thursday and are renting a Bobcat on Friday through Saturday to get the trash piles removed and the drywall and insulation from the polebarn removed.

Last week I made another batch of soap. This time it's olive oil with a touch of castor oil. I used peppermint tea in place of the water to mix with the lye. Interesting results . . . initially, it turned an ugly brown color. As it sat, it turned an interesting shade of orange. Now that it's curing, there's an interesting blend of golden yellows and oranges swirled together. It seems the lye did remove any trace of peppermint scent however.

Here's an updated photo of the cured soap. Turned out really nice looking, but the scent is a bit odd! It does feel nice on the skin, not drying at all.

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