Thursday, March 26, 2009

Closing date & clean thoughts!

Closing date for the property is April 8, right after we return from our trip to St. Louis. Hopefully the sellers will have their belongings off the property by then, or we'll move the closing to a later date--we don't want to have to pay to remove their things.

I have been exploring the idea of making homemade soap. If you are familar with soapmaking, you know it requires the use of lye. Lye is difficult to find these days. If you are familar with cooking your own meth, you know it requires the use of lye. Therefore, to help curb meth production, lye has been pulled from the shelves of many stores. This week I discovered a place that sells it--though the sales guy was sure they didn't--Tractor Supply Company.

So now that I have my lye, I can begin searching out the other supplies I need! I've been reading online quite a bit and went to an introduction to soap-making class. Today I stopped at the library--one of my favorite places-- and checked out a whole book on the subject!

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