Monday, March 16, 2009

The Beginning

March 16, 2009

After searching high and low, we have found the land that is just right for us. We've got a purchase agreement and are set to close by the end of April. The whole family is excited! We're buying 10.45 acres in a rural residential area. To me, it's really rural! From the property you can only see 1 neighbor's house and the roof of the next closest neighbor down around the corner. There are no neighbors across the street--just some private woods and state owned pastures leading to woods and the creek.

The property is cleared for the first 7 acres--some lawn grass, some tall meadow grasses. Then the land goes down a hill and is wooded on the sides. At the bottom of the hill is a grassy clearing with woods on the sides and behind as it dips down again.

There's a pole barn on the property that needs to be cleared out and fixed up. That's on the list of things to do this spring, along with taking down an old shed.

The part that I'm excited about right now is tree planting! We're planning to plant some trees this spring--some along the property lines and some fruit trees as well--apple, peach . . . not sure what else, but definately those! Eventually I want to plant blueberry and raspberry bushes and grow a strawberry patch and a vegetable garden. I think if I plant all this too soon, the only ones who will enjoy them are the animals! Better to wait until we've started building (in about 5 years!)

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