Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fox sighting #2

We just spotted a fox in the backyard again. We could only see 1, but the other could have been down the hill. We put our dog in the other room before he saw it and scared it away. The fox stayed around for a few minutes and we all got to watch it for awhile. My mother in law is here and she enjoyed seeing it as well.

This afternoon my mother in law is taking Big Dog and Sweet Pea back to her house for the week.

Honey, our 5 year old golden retriever is still adjusting to having a puppy in the house. Her behavior has changed a bit sometimes. Yesterday when mother in law arrived, Honey barked and barked at her. That's not her normal behavior. She is also getting protective about her food--worried the puppy will get it I guess. I'm going to have to do a little research to see how to deal with this.

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