Thursday, July 8, 2010

Garden updates

The garden is continuing to grow very well! I wish I could post photos, but the cord that goes from the camera to the computer is in a box somewhere in a storage room in the basement all taped off during the drywalling phase of basement finishing. The corn is thigh-high, squash and pumpkins are vining all over the place, green beans and tomatoes are getting blossoms. I've been picking jalapenos and lettuce. I wish the peppers and tomatoes were on the same schedule though! Yesterday there was a garter snake slithering around. It was my 1st snake sighting of the season.

We are due for a break in the heat wave today due to some rain moving in. So far the weather map shows rain all around us, just not here! We could use the rain, as I'm sure most people can!

My fruit trees are a disaster this year (year 1) and I can just hope they survive and try again next year. After all my diligence in plucking off the caterpillars, ants ate the peach tree leaves and I never did figure out what was eating the apple trees. I have been spraying them with an organic treatment for fungus and insects, but I believe I started too late. The damage was already done.

My 2 little blueberry bushes are healthy and are producing a handful of berries each. One of the raspberry bushes is producing berries, but it appears to have some insect damage. The other raspberry bush is green and healthy, but has no berries!

I may go brave the mosquitos before the rain to pick some wild berries this afternoon. I'm off to a really late start today due to being up with the puppy for the majority of the night. Once the kids got up this morning, it was back to bed for me! I'm glad I don't have to work during the summer! I need to vacuum the carpets and mop the kitchen floor. It would be nice to get a loaf of bread started also. I guess I'd getter get started!

PS Last week while the boys were at grandma's house, I made a batch of soap using canola, olive, coconut and castor oils. It is curing and looks pretty nice!

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