Monday, April 25, 2011

"Doggy" Fence

When my oldest son was a toddler, he was obsessed with farm animals. Everytime we drove past a farm or yard with a fence, he would exclaim, "Horsey fence, Mommy! Horsey fence! Can we go to a farm?" Well, now that he's thirteen, he has his own "horsey fence"--it just hold in dogs instead of horseys! We decided to fence in a portion of the back yard around the deck to allow the dogs room to run freely without taking off into the woods. They really like it out there. We made it pretty large--45'x80' so they can get enough exercise. It does seem to be making a difference. They are much more calm in the house now.

I haven't planted the garden yet. It's been too cold! I cleared out some corn stalks and rocks, but that's been the extent of it. I will wait until May and warmer weather to get going out there. You may remember what happened last year.

Actually I am glad I blogged about the garden last year, so now I can go back and see in advance what problems I had and try to do some avoidance this year. I can try to put something on the fruit trees to keep the tent worms off this spring for example.

Hope everyone's spring is off to a good start. Right now out my window I see Honey dog staring down 4 large deer. I think the deer know the dog is behind the new fence and they like it!

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