Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Garden, pantry

A few weeks ago, I planted many of the seeds in the garden and put up a fence to keep the deer out. I used T posts and a fencing material made of a netting type fabric that has sleeves in it to slide over the posts. It seemed simple. It actually installed fairly simply. However, it is very windy here and following a particularly windy and rainy day, I came home to discover my T posts had bent in the wind. So, I bought more posts, put them closer together, replaced some of the bent ones and re-installed the netting. Much better. Until Friday's storm. Once again the post bent and the fence is laying on the ground. I guess the "good news" is that none of my seeds seem to be growing right now, so there's no need for a fence!!! It's been cold here lately and I think it's keeping the seeds from germinating. We're due for another storm Thursday, so I'm just leaving the fence as it sits.

I've always been a person who likes to have a full pantry. But now that the "corner store" is a 15 minute drive at 55mph, I really like to have everything we need at home. If I was missing an ingredient mid-dinner preparations in the city, I jumped in the car and was back home with what I wanted in 10 minutes. Now it's at least 35 minutes, plus the extra gas. (Unless it's late on Sunday, then I have to drive a bit further.) If someone gets sick, I want to have the basic medicines we need in the cupboard. If I get sick or break a leg and can't get the grocery shopping done for a few weeks I know we have plenty to eat right here at home. Even if we lost a job for awhile, we have lots of food here to save on groceries each week.

Before we left the city, we started eating from the pantry to avoid moving all that food. We didn't have a lot of storage space at the rental house, so it wasn't the best-stocked pantry around. My new kitchen, however, is a dream! I have a full pantry with deep shelves and so many kitchen cupboards, some are nearly empty! We've only lived here a month, but I'm working on getting everything stocked back up and it feels good to see lots of cans in the pantry and meat in the freezer.

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