Friday, September 18, 2009

Packing! Moving!

We're packing this weekend and moving all boxes and everything we don't need for 1 week of living out to the pole barn. Turns out we're closing 1 week from today (we just found out yesterday) and have to be out by midnight next Saturday. We don't yet have access to the rental house. We've booked 2 men and a truck for Saturday, but they're pay by the hour and we need to conserve money, so we're trying to do most things ourselves with our little suv and trailer. Since we're going to be in a time crunch, we're taking things to the pole barn tomorrow and Sunday and then when we get access to the rental, we can take them in there. Yes, that means we're moving things twice! Better than over-wintering in the pole barn though. We expect to get house access early next week and then we can take stuff directly to there like plants, food, clothes etc . . . I've got Friday off from work and need to also register the kids for their new schools. Fortunately I've been planning ahead and have faxed most all of the papers to the schools today. Oh, yes! Sweet pea's birthday is in less than 2 weeks! Had to book a party and now need to make invitations! Sometime, I'll need to buy a present!

Right now the truck, trailer and car are all packed and I'm tired and my back hurts. I'm going to bed. (I just re-read my post--no wonder I'm tired!)

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  1. Wow! Good luck. Things are moving really fast, aren't they. After all this is over, the fun really begins!