Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Our" Lake House

We are settling in to our rental house on the lake. It's really a summer cottage that someone is renting to us until June. We are hoping it's insulated enough to keep us cozy during our midwest winter. I am hoping to find the cable I need to post pictures in one of our boxes.

Although this is not our ideal rental home, we are thankful for Nova who rented it to us on less than 1 days' notice. We actually had our ideal rental picked out (lots of storage, garage, basement), but in reading over the lease agreement, it was different that what the leasing agent told us verbally. We were not willing to pay 12 months of rent if we left after 6, and they wouldn't budge. They thought we'd have to cave because we had to be out of our house 3 1/2 days from then, but we did not. I got back on Craigslist and found a new rental in the area we wanted. I emailed her right away and the next afternoon Josh viewed the home and that evening we put down the deposit. She didn't have time to do much clean-up other than clear out the fridge, but I didn't mind cleaning since she let us move it right away without even doing credit and background checks. (She said she could tell we were responsible people and I did show her a copy of our credit report from a few months ago.)

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