Thursday, July 2, 2009

Look what I've picked!

I've got black raspberries! Lots and lots of black rapsberries! I'm so excited! I picked a few handfuls today, but wasn't adorned in appropriate berry-picking attire. I'll go back Sunday and get more once I've got on my jeans, long sleeves and mosquito spray! I bet you can predict what will happen next week with my kids gone to grandma's for the week . . . can you say "Black Raspberry Jam?" Anyone? mmmmm!


  1. We made some mixed berry freezer jam two days ago. It was fantastic! Hope yours turns out well.

  2. That's just awesome! Happy jamming!

    We are now in escrow for the land where we plan to build our home and make our homestead!

  3. Those look great! I have some too but would like a lot more for wine making and pies. I have been trying to cultivate the ones I have.