Monday, July 6, 2009

Building plans

We met with a builder last week and are considering the possibility of starting to build in the spring of 2010 and move in during that summer. We're checking into all the details and will see how things work out.

Saturday afternoon we went back to the property and I picked 6 cups of wild black raspberries and Sunday I made jam! Yummy! Also found a deer path that went behind the raspberry bramble and went right to a large apple tree. I will be curious to see the apples in a few months. Green? Red? Full of worms? Time will tell! I'll go back and pick more berries later this week. They need a few more days for more to ripen, plus the mosquitos were terrible out there!

I did get a few laughs yesterday afternoon. While I was making the jam, I was watching the Disney version of Little House on the Prairie mini-series. Ma and the girls were picking blackberries and their hands were all purple (like mine were), but they quit because of all the mosquitos. That part of the movie was sure realistic enough, that I can vouch for!

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