Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday preparations

Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful! We had friends and family coming and going from Wednesday through Sunday. What a nice time! We were glad to be able to carpet the basement so it was totally finished for our guests.

We've had our share of illness this fall. First Sweet Pea (age 9) got the flu, followed by pneumonia. He missed a whole week of school. That was before Thanksgiving. Now Big Dog (age 12) has the flu. I stayed home with him today and got a lot of things done. I made homemade pizza calzones which I will slice into portions and then freeze. They will be for school lunches. I also made Christmas cookie dough and am preparing to make lasagna right now. I love to bake! I got in a little cleaning and attempted to put the lights on the tree. I need to buy some more lights. It's very pathetic looking right now!

Hope everyone has a happy holiday season!

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