Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nature's Miracle

Well, last time I posted I mentioned locating the puppy pee. If anyone has a puppy who pees on the carpet once in awhile, you really need to get a flourescent black light. I got mine for $10 at Meijer in the lighting section. When it's dark out, you turn off the regular lights and go around with the black light shining it on the carpet. Everywhere there is organic matter will glow! That includes dust mites, so don't think little puppy peed along all your walls-you need to vacuum along them better! I poured Nature's Miracle on all the glowing spots. For almost a week I could still smell the urine every once in awhile. Now, the smell appears to be gone for the most part. Apparently the product stays in the carpet and over time, neutralizes the urine or something like that. I am going to purchase another bottle, because I used the whole first bottle and our covered ottoman still smells if you get your nose down there. That and I'm sure we'll have more accidents.

Actually he's quite housetrained, but pees when he gets excited or nervous still.

I was going to post about the homemake noodles I made for soup, but I'm really too tired!

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