Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

I just learned about an invasive edible plant that's a big problem in my region-and my own land--garlic mustard! The boys and I had a garlic mustard pull at the edge of our woods yesterday afternoon. We brought a little bit back to the kitchen where we washed it up and tasted it. Tastes a bit like . . . garlic!

We also have an issue with lots of non-fruit bearing brambles! They are everywhere and difficult to remove due to how throny they are. They are not in a place where we can just mow them down.

I haven't started my garden yet. I've been trying to locate an alternative to a rotatiller that I can rent to pull behind the tractor.

This evening we are going to our son's elelmentary school for the science fair. He made a simple project all my himself using his electronics kit.

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