Saturday, January 9, 2010

A few inside pictures

Here is the fireplace. I like how the top of the wall is angled due to the vaulted ceiling. This picture's from a week ago. Now the fireplace is covered in particle board in preparation for the stone. We decided that since we don't have a large area to cover, we could afford the real stone vs. the man-made. We prefer this look much more. We still have to decide what type of mantle we want.

To the right of the corner fireplace, you can see the opening to the hallway and into the 1st bedroom.

This photo is taken from the kitchen. The far left of the photo is the garage, which is still open. Moving to the right is the door to the panty. Next you see the framing for the pocket door for the laundry room. We insulated the laundry area to help reduce washer/dryer noise in the house. The "railing" on the right is the framing for the half wall at the stairway to the basement. Through the "railing" you can see into the living room, where the fire place is.

This photo is taken from the living room. Starting at the right you see the opening for the basment stairs again and the framing for the coat closet next to the front door. On the left is the master bedroom-the door to that is in the hallway, not by the front door.

This photo was taken from inside the master bedroom into the master bath. You can see they've run the plumbing lines and have the shower in place. Below the window will be the tub and next the toilet. On the opposite wall will be the vanity with 2 sinks and in the corner a tall linen cabinet.
All the electrical, phone and cable lines have been run and everything is roughed in for plumbing, electrical and mechanical. The roof is finally completed and we've passed all the initial inspections. The well and septic field have been in for many weeks now. We are anxious for our insulation to get sprayed in and then they can start DRYWALL!!


  1. Oh, be still my heart....the front door makes it look so official. I love the idea for the stone on the fireplace. You won't be disapointed.

  2. Looks like it is coming along nicely! A stone fireplace will be wonderful!