Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bit by bit . . .

This is the front view of the house. On the left is the kitchen, on the right the master bedroom. The wall with the peak will be stone with a window and arched pediment above it.
Here's the back view. We have a side-entry garage and a covered back deck. You can see the roofers have the shingles sitting on the roof--getting ready to go!

This is the living room with the corner fireplace. We haven't chosen the stone for this yet.

We are working on purchasing the things we need for the new house. A few weeks back, we found a great deal on the fridge and convection microwave we wanted, so we bought those. This week we got another good deal on the range and dishwasher-combination of price matching plus a % off coupon. Yesterday we drove all over town looking for the specific stools I wanted for the island--white wood with square backs, counter height--finally found them and will pick them up on Tuesday. Last night, Josh found a generator to order from Sam's Club.
Things keep moving along and we are anxous to see the progress each day!

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  1. Fantastic, Cindy!! I hope things don't slow too much during the winter months.