Thursday, August 20, 2009

Re-grading the land

As you can see, we had some of our land tilled and re-graded. Actually, we had it tilled and Josh re-graded it. Then we put down some grass seed. We bought a spreader that pulls behind the tractor to spread the seed. However, the seed kept clogging up the hole and wouldn't spread. So, the next day, Josh, the kids and I headed out first thing in the morning to seed it manually. Unfortunately, it had rained so much we couldn't walk on it, let alone drive a tractor/trailer combo without leaving ruts in the just-graded soil. We fiddled around for about an hour as we waited for the sun to dry the soil a bit. Then, the boys and I sat on folding chairs in the trailer with buckets of seed and as Josh drove around the property, we tossed out the grass seed for 3 hours. Pretty primative, but it worked!

The surveyor has started staking our property lines for us as well. We are anxious to have that completed as no one really knows where the boundary lines are, especially once you get behind the hill, because the ground rolls at so many different angles, you can't see a straight line very well.

We've had 4 showings on our house in the last 2 weeks. That's not too bad, but no offers yet. We meet with our builder tomorrow afternoon to see what the numbers look like! Yikes!

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